SoloSolo (2014)

A concert of 5 modern dance solos performed by Travesty Dance Group members with solo live musicians .

Choreography by Kim Karpanty

Superman’s Cape-original music performed by Neil Chastain, danced by Shannon Sefcik

one more nerve- music by Zoe Keating, (used w/permission), danced by Tanya Mucci

H-O-R-N- music by Radek Baborek, used with permission and performed by Ashley Lain, danced by Ebby Howarth

Piece of Mind $9/week click here- original vocal score by Kim Karpanty and Chuck Richie Performed by Michelle Brown and Emily Shraeder

private dominion (2013)- improvisational piano score performed by Claudia Howard Queen- danced by Kim Karpanty

Photos by Bob Christy

Photos by Bob Christy